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Brad Hutzell


Brad Hutzell grew up in rural Pennsylvania where he developed a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Spending his teenage years working on farms and in orchards, he garnered a strong work ethic, as well as a love for land. This combination allowed and motivated him to purchase his first piece of property at the age of 18.

Joining the State Police in his mid-twenties, Brad soon qualified for the Executive Service Section. He served as a personal protection for PA governors and a multitude of VIP’s dignitaries. In 2011 he received an honorable discharge and retired from service. Throughout his career, he acquired several mountain and recreational properties. His desire for a rural setting and large tracts of land led him to move to Western Kentucky in 2014.

After moving to WKY, he started to build his list of go-to people that he would later pass along to his clients. This large network of professionals allows him to share helpful resources with all of his clients.

In 2016, Brad decided to get his real estate license so he could sell the type of properties he loved. During this time, he also started his own full-service wildlife food plotting business. His love for the outdoors & extensive travel has allowed him to connect with multiple clients around the country. Brad continues to travel and meet new clients and has expanded his real estate realm to include commercial & residential listings.

Brad is as helpful as possible for his clients, making their processes as smooth as can be. He loves to put a smile on the client’s face and watch them achieve their dream.


Brad Hutzell
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