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Lenny Powley

Owner | Principal Broker

Lenny Powley is a Paducah native. As an extensive traveler, he always brings something fresh and new back to our hometown. As a young man, sports played a large role in developing Lenny’s strong work ethic and competitive nature. He quickly learned, and came to respect, that even individual sports are not about just you- they are a collaborative effort that include everyone outside the ring that helped you along the way. This lesson followed him into his career.

After opening his own construction company in the late nineties, Lenny decided to get into the real estate game. With experience in both industries, he brings an exceptional set of skills to the table. His competitive spirit drove him to open his own real estate brokerage after he had perfected the craft with two of the area’s top companies.

Lenny also believes that supporting local businesses and the nonprofits in our community is essential to the strength and growth of our community. His passion for his community has led him to serve on several local boards. Over the years, he has been a board member & chair of The Urban Renewal & Community Development Agency, a board member of Paducah Habitat for Humanity, a board member & director of Paducah Board of REALTORS, and lastly serving on KYR Professional Standards and Grievance Committee.

His passion for helping people navigate the rigorous processes of buying and selling real estate with professionalism drives him to treat every deal with unmatched care. Lenny’s motto is “I treat every deal like it's the biggest one of my career because to my client, it just might be their biggest deal ever!”

Lenny Powley
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